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Email processing jobs: Latest online trend


The email processing job has helped thousands of people to get employed and earn online by simply processing the emails online for the large corporations. Most of these jobs provide an average income of a few thousand per month with working hours ranging from 2 to 4 hours a day. Sounds too good to be true?  You can try searching the forums online and frequently asked question sessions to get an even better idea of this work. While most of the large companies do provide legitimate email processing jobs; some of them are just advertising them for their advantage. As the popularity and use of email processing job spread, some scammers decided to use this to their advantage. These websites claim to provide actual work by asking for a ‘small’ registration fee that in some cases amounts up to $1k. Once the user has paid them, the money is gone, and the response is nil, so it is very important to completely research and investigate before opting for the email processing jobs the ideal fee is usually form $20-$30

If you are able to find the legitimate companies to work with; the email processing job will prove to be the most lucrative source of income available on the internet. The email processing job is an amazing employment opportunity that has already worked for many individuals regardless of their age, social status, and educational background.


There is absolutely little or no experience required for working on these jobs. Email processing jobs are available in 200 major countries worldwide including the United States for America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Singapore and New Zealand to name a few.

To work online as an email processor, the main requirement is a stable internet connection. You can work from home, office or an internet café depending on your preferences. The work is absolutely legal, so you can work without having to worry about its legal implications. The perks of working on this job are that you are your own boss. You are not time bound by anyone, and you can work anytime you want. The job can be completed at any time in the 24 hours.

You can earn as low as $50 and as much as $1000 depending on the time you are willing to devote for this job. Hard work and dedication are sure to bring much better results. You are the one who decides how much to work, and it is not dictated by anyone. If you are targeting to achieve low income or some side income; then you can work less, and if you have a high target to achieve, you can work hard and more.


How to set yourself up for the email processing job?

As mentioned earlier, you may require a stable internet connection with a high-speed browser. If you do not have your own internet connection, then do not worry you can always work from a cyber café. Make sure you set up a consistent routine.

Email account

Secondly, you will need an email account to process the emails for the corporations you are working for. Make an account with reliable service providers like Google and Yahoo.

Bank account

The final requirement is a bank account. Your earnings will be sent to you through a cheque at your postal address. So, you will need a bank account in order to cash the cheque. In case you want to receive the earnings online, you can choose various online payment methods such as Paypal or Payza.

What is the procedure?

Once you have established a setup for working, you need to be aware of the procedure in order to make potential earnings.

Sign up

Select and sign up with the companies of your choice. The sign up is absolutely free in most of the cases. While signing up, you may be asked to select the payment option of your choice i.e., by cheque or via paypal.


After selecting a company of your choice, choose the website, product or service for which you want to process the emails.

Email writing

With the email processing job It is up to you whether you wish to write an email or not. You can select the pre-written emails and copy, paste them for processing or write up the content on your own.

Send away

After the write up you will proceed on to sending the email for processing. Neither you need heavy duty equipment nor do you require automation software for the email processing job. Just an internet connection and email address will suffice.

Monitor your earnings

Your job is done after processing the emails, but it is better to keep track of your earnings to know where you stand.


Most of the employers in email processing jobs get paid weekly, bi weekly and on a monthly basis.

Email processing jobs do not require any technical skills or knowledge. You just have to know how to use a computer, how to send an email and should be able to read English. Most of the companies pay $15 to $25 per email. So let’s say if you are processing 10 emails per day for $25; you will earn alot per month which is not a bad deal for a student or the one just looking for a part time job to earn some extra money.




Email processing job : Latest online trend

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